Customer service

In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection (COVID-19), the State Studies Foundation gives priority to non-contact (remote) customer service.

Citizens general requests and other documents addressed for the State Studies Foundation can submit in one of these ways:

a) submit electronic documents using the information system;

b) submit electronic documents signed by qualified electronic signature by e-mail: [email protected];

c) sent by post to: A. Goštauto str. 12-100, 01108 Vilnius;

d)  leave documents in our mailbox next to the main entrance into the building at A. Goštauto str. 12, Vilnius. You will see the inscription "VALSTYBINIS STUDIJŲ FONDAS" on the mailbox.

Live (contact) reception of residents is carried out only after pre-registration with a specialist of the State Studies Foundation.

Persons are admitted at: A. Goštauto str. 12, Vilnius – 1st foor, Room No. 103.

You can sign up for a visit in the following ways:

  •     by filling in the registration form;
  •     by contacting an employee of the Fund by e-mail or telephone.

You can communicate with the employees of the State Studies Foundation and receive all the information you need remotely - by e-mail or telephone. You can find the contacts of the Foundation's employees here:

Last updated: 16-11-2023