The Board of State Studies Foundation was appointed by the Resolution No 211 of the Government of  the Republic of Lithuania of 5 March 2014:

Prof. dr. Angelė Lileikienė - Director of Lithuania Business University of Applied Science (Chair)

Prof. dr. Vilija Salienė - Vice-Rector for Studies of Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences

Mažvydas Savickas - President of National Union of Student Representations of Lithuania 

Svetlana Kulpina - Head of the Financial Social Assistance Division in the Department of Social Inclusion at the Ministry of Social Security and Labour

Valdonė Daunienė - Chief Specialist of the Education, Culture and Social Sectors Division  in the Budget Department of the Ministry of Finance

Daina Lukošiūnienė - Head of Division of University Studies in the Department of Higher Education, Science and Technology at the Ministry of Education and Science

Marius Ablačinskas - Adviser at the Minister of Education and Science

Edmundas Kiškis - Head of the Borrowing and Cash Management Division at the Ministry of Finance

Vaida Balkuvienė - Head of Division of Financing Reseach and Higher Education at the MInistry of Education and Science

Vaida Stonytė - Deputy Director of the State Studies Foundation

Last updated: 08-12-2021